Ramanish Thakur, AIR 1824, JEE 2012

I,Ramanish Singh,currently studying in IIT Kanpur was a student of 2 year program-me of I-QUEST,Patiala from 2010-2012.I was given full cooperation from my teachers who remained with me at every maxima and minima of my 2 years.Before joining I-QUEST I was an average student but after joining the institution I started gaining confidence and soon I was among the toppers of my institution.All the credits goes to the excellent faculties of I-QUEST and periodic tests conducted by the coaching centre.The study material was also very helpful in enhancing my insight towards all the three subjects. Due to the sincere efforts of my teachers, I was able to secure AIR-1824 in IIT-JEE 2012.For this, I thank I-QUEST from core of my heart and wish “ALL THE BEST” to my coaching and its faculties.