• Computerized evaluation

    computerizedevaluation All our tests are conducted on special OMR (Optical Markt Recognition) sheets which are checked through the latest software as used in the entrance examinations. This ensures 100 % accuracy in the results and trains students exactly as per the actual exam conditions.

  • Result Analysis

    For each test, the student gets a detailed analysis of his/her performance on our site. This helps the student to identify his/her exact strengths and weaknesses and hence work on them.resultanalysis1 resultanalysis2 resultanalysis3

  • iLearn

    We have our online learning management solution.  All students shall be provided a login id and password for our website, through which they would be able to access:

    • Animated content used in classrooms
    • Solutions to tests and tutorials
    • Doubt discussion forums
    • Online tests
    • Results of tests
    • Class Schedule
    • Test Schedule & syllabus