Our Philosophy

At iQuest we believe that every child is different in his own way. While some can grasp things easily, others cannot. Success requires a combination of intelligence and hard work. And with hard work, one can attain unimaginable heights. We judge our success by not just what a student could have done by virtue of his native intelligence, but by how much we could improve his/her caliber.


In order to do this, we first of all work hard ourselves and motivate the students to do the same. For us teaching is not limited to covering certain chapters of a book. We want to make every student of ours realize that it is we ourselves who define the limits of our success. We can say with full conviction that all our students who have cleared many prestigious examinations with flying colors have been gradually grilled to achieve such feats. Everybody aspires but only few are able to achieve their goals. For some of those few, we take pride in the fact that we have been the reason!